How to Apply for SONA Membership

Complete the application form online. Please refer to the membership category listed below.

  1. Corporate membership: National and regional societies of neurosciences in Africa or Neuroscience Interest Group or Committee of individuals devoted to neuroscience or cognitive discipline as corporate members. All individual members of the corporate Member Organizations are entitled to individual membership of SONA.
  2. Regular membership: Any individual anywhere in Africa or outside Africa who has contributed notably to neuroscience research and who supports the mission of SONA may apply for the status of individual membership.
  3. Student Membership: Students enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs at degree-granting institutions of higher education can apply for student membership.We require a confirmation of your current student status (a letter from your supervisor or Head of Department to be send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as pdf attachment) on application or during your renewal process.
  4. Associate membership: Supporting members either as independent individuals of commercial organisations, foundations or other bodies who wish to contribute to the objectives of the Society.
  5. Honorary membership: Individuals anywhere in the world who have made outstanding contributions to neuroscience research and to recognize SONA for such, on recommendation of the Executive Committee may be elected Honorary Members of SONA by simple majority of the Governing Council.

Each member shall pay a nominal subscription fee on an annual basis and their name will be kept on the membership register. The level of the fees for the type of membership is as follow:

  1. Student: $20;
  2. Regular Membership: $50;
  3. Associate Membership: $50;
  4. Corporate Membership: $100

Deadline Dates

Completed applications for Regular membership are considered for nomination by the Executive Committee on a monthly basis. Affiliate and Student applications are accepted monthly upon approval of the Executive Secretary of the Society. Applications are not complete until all materials are received. The subscription fee shall be payable no later than the 30th day of June each year.