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Past SONA Meetings

SONA holds an international conference every two years.


Past SONA Conferences include:


  1. 1993 Nairobi, Kenya
  2. 1995 Marrakech, Morocco
  3. 1997 Cape Town, SouthAfrica
  4. 1999 Dakar, Senegal
  5. 2001 Nairobi, Kenya
  6. 2003 Abuja, Nigeria
  7. 2005 Cape Town, SouthAfrica
  8. 2007 Kinshasa, DRC
  9. 2009 Fayoum, Egypt
  10. 2011 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  11. 2013 Rabat, Morocco - 11th International SONA Conference
  12. 2015 Durban, South Africa - 12th International SONA Conference


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SFN Meeting 2016
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12th International Conf

12th International Conference on Brain Energy Metabolism (ICBEM)"Energy Metabolism and Neuron-Glia Interactions in Brain: from Molecular Mechanisms to Novel Therapeutic Approaches”

IBRO/ARC Busaries 2016
SONA Newsletter Vol 2 I
Letter IBRO-ARC plans

A letter from Sten Grillner, IBRO Secretary General, and Pierre Luabeya, IBRO Africa Regional Committee Chair, regarding IBRO-ARC 2016. The letter provides information regarding the IBRO-ARC plans for training in neuroscience and support in development of African Neuroscience.

Scholarships and Financ

Scholarships, grants, bursaries, fellowships, financial awards, loans and many support options for international students who wish to study on a UK course



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SONA Newsletter Vol 2 i
Call for hosting next S
The University of Cape

The University of Cape Town is now offering a sub-specialty in Addiction Psychiatry. This is a 2 year program, open to psychiatrists and clinical psychologists, of which at least one year should be spent on site on Cape Town. See:

SONA Newsletter Vol 1,

Recent and Upcoming Neuroscience Events in Africa