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Can foreigners play South African Lotto?

Foreigners can legally play South African lotto, but they have met some certain criteria before claiming their prize officially. First, you have the signed original lotto ticket of South Africa. To get the winning prize amount, you need to have a valid permit to enter the country with your original passport as the money is paid only to the bank accounts of South Africa so the winner must need a local bank account and also you have to submit the proof as well as there are some other steps to be followed to take the winning money out of the country.

Other options for foreigners play South African Lotto can get help from the local agent where a local guy will get you an official local lottery ticket as a representative from the local retailer and send it to you through the messenger service. If you win the lottery prize the agent will claim the prize amount on behalf of you and then transfer it to your personal account.

Steps to be followed if you win the lottery

Here are the steps to do when you win the South African Lotto that must take after your big win.

Before of all, you have to make sure that your winning lottery ticket is kept safe and sign the ticket at its back. This ticket is the bearer instrument that simply means whoever has the winning lottery ticket in their hands is declared or considered as the winner. Make copies of the signed lottery ticket, store digital copies, and also the paper copies and then you have to hide the original ticket in a safe spot. After that contact, the lottery authorities in a relaxed mood as the lotteries offer you 6 to 12-month time for claiming your winning money so you have plenty of time.

As the next step you have to hire a team to help you with making a good decision about the money for the future, here you need a financial planner, an accountant and an attorney to give you the best possible support.

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Some winners will lose their control and spend their amount within a few months without any use so first, be cool and relaxed then set a life plan, and then invest, save or spend wisely the amount you won. You need to avoid complete lifestyle changes until you planned sufficiently for the future.

If the word gets out about fortune, you won many people will ask for handouts so first change your address and phone number and be at the place where you can have a comfortable space.


Planning is good for the future so after you won the lottery follow the steps to do when you win the South African Lotto mentioned above, be patient and set your life plan for the future and then save, invest, or spend the money you won wisely.