license in South Africa

Main types of gambling in South Africa

South Africa is an African country where you can gamble legally, all types of gambling games were banned for a long time and then accepted. Currently, there are 59 legal gambling facilities that are opened for South African and for also foreign players. Here are some main types of gambling in South Africa:

  • Online casino gaming
  • Sports betting
  • Daily fantasy
  • Online poker
  • Lottery

Online casino in Africa is online gambling which is very popular among the country people but here the legal situation is not friendly even though there are many online operators some of them are restricted. As there are not many online gambling sites, South Africans prefer sports betting as an interactive entertainment. This online betting in South Africa is legal if the bookmarker has the necessary license and is legit.

South Africans not like to participate in sports and also they are equally in daily fantasy sports. It will very convenient for the people who want to play by being in the home but here you have chosen the site with the following game selection, proper license, and also whether it is available for the players of South Africa. Also technically, most of the online poker sites accept players who are from South Africa.

Another gambling of South African is the lottery and it is the legal entertainment for foreign gamblers and native gamblers also it a very fun activity. It is to mention that the national lottery was introduced first in South Africa. The lottery offers you scratch cards and tickets so that you can have fun online.

gambling safety

Gambling safety and license in South Africa

Safety is the priority when it comes to online gambling so, while choosing the casino you want to play with first make sure whether the site is legal by checking the license, do the research, and regulatory operators. Many online casinos are regulated by a respected gambling commission and are offshore but if you are not sure about the site you check the main symbols that are called Gambling safety symbols at the bottom of the casino’s home page.


Gambling in South Africa provides you rich possibilities of fun, entertainment, and also your personal safety. As the industry is heavily regulated there are no possibilities of doing any illegal activities on gambling and if any illegal was found the government will take away all the funds you invested in the illegal site so, be careful while choosing the site for gambling.